About Us

About Us

Background of our organization

Beauld was founded in 1900 with the vision to be a leader in service delivery. it was registered with CAC in the year 1901 with RN 01234


Completed Projects

So far Beauld has completed over 400 projects


Satisfied Costumers

we  have countless numbers of clients whom are satisfied with our services


Working Hours

We areavailable from mondays through saturdays from 8am-5pm


Awards Won

We have been awarded as the best indigenous company in Kwara state

Meet Our Team.

Meet the team we put together that will always exceed your expectation in the delivery of quality services.

Julia Robertson

Specialist Consultants

Robert Mallison

Partner & Creative Director

Zach Smith

Specialist Consultants

We are a professional and reputable company.

Beauld is a professional and reputable company

My experience with beauld is amazing. They have helped my business grow.

Michael Opara
Magna LTD

With Beauld, my business now has the audience it needs..

Mariam Owolabi
Dynamic LTD

Advantages of working with us.

Our services are top notch with quality and excellent customer service. Our prices are very competitive and as such you may not get them else where. we also offer warranty based on the terms of agreement.

Effective Team Work

Quality team composed of experts to deliver excellent service

5 Years Experience

5 years of excellence

High Technology Factory

We adopt modern technology and take advantage of any evolution to get the best for our clients

Our Clients.