” What men can do women can do better”, but in this case ” What men can wear, women can wear 100 times better” and look very attractive in it. wink wink!

This Agbada style for women is seriously gaining momentum o, every one is rocking it these days. This style trend has got to be the most outstanding. It takes a lot of guts, confidence, and self-belief for a lady to rock the Agbada nicely and still look sexy.

Though men’s fashion for women come in varying styles like the shirt dress, oversized blazer, baggy pants…etc. (the list is endless) and it’s  not new but a woman wearing the Agbada is certainly a head turner.

Not all ladies can carry the Agbada well and still look attractive but confidence makes the wearer look sexy……lol.

Quite frankly, am not one to naturally rock this trend but the ladies doing it are definitely rocking it well, making it tempting to try out….lol. See below;






So ladies, what do you think? Would you try out this trend? It won’t hurt trying it out, am sure you would look awesome in it.

Stay Fashionable!

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