Food in Ilorin


Just a while back i came across something i thought I’d share with you. Stick around and you’ll love this.
There are some essentials to survival in life. They vary from people to people, town to town, etc. You know what they say “different strokes for different folks”.

One thing we can all agree on is that food has never been struck of that list regardless of the difference in preference of essentials and levels of importance. Now this is the motivation for this post.
Ilorin like any other town has a variety of classes of people from the students to the working class and others. Also like any other town we have those people who would rather eat out than cook at home mostly because of the time they have to spend at work, there’s usually no time to cook before or after their daily activities.
Presentation is essential in every business; eateries, restaurants, fast foods (whatever we want to call them) are not exempted. So back to what attracted you to this “Very important” post, I came across a restaurant that presentation, customer service and satisfying their customers’ needs are their priorities.


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