**FRESH SHOCKER** Former Speaker of the House of Assembly allegedly molested 14-year-old boy!!!

Former speaker Dennis Hastert committed bank fraud as part of a plan to pay hush money to someone he allegedly sexually abused when the victim was 14 years old and in the ex-lawmaker’s charge, federal prosecutors alleged in a court filing on Friday.
Hastert, 74, pleaded guilty in October to one count of illegally structuring bank withdrawals, but the new court filing lays out, for the first time, detail of the wrongdoing that the former speaker allegedly committed when he was a wrestling coach and high school teacher in a small town outside of Chicago decades ago.
Prosecutors allege that Hastert abused or had inappropriate contact with at least five minor boys during his time at Yorkville High School, touching them in the “groin area and genitals” or having oral sex with them. The statutes of limitations have long passed on the alleged sexual misconduct. Hastert is facing up to six months in federal prison on an illegal bank structuring charge. He taught and coached at Yorkville for about 16 years before launching his political career in the early 1980s.

The man, who is known in court papers as “Individual A” and Hastert agreed to pay off, said he was molested at a motel during an out of trip with the wrestling team.

Other former wrestlers who have come forward told prosecutors Hastert touched them in the locker room at Yorkville High, after saying he would give them massages. Two of those wrestlers, who were ages 14 and 17, say Hastert performed sex acts on them.

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