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So everyone has dark armpits and its usually disturbing.  It makes you self-conscious and limits you from wearing some clothes like sleeveless outfits. If you do wear them, you become conscious and try not to raise your arms a lot. Here are a few tips on how to Prevent Dark Armpits;

PERSONAL HYGIENE: When you do not properly clean your armpit, it leads to accumulation of dead skin cells under the arms causing bumps and dark spots there. Regularly exfoliate your skin under the arms too. However, be gentle while exfoliating your underarms because it is a thin skin and harsh scrubs or rough handling while rubbing may cause scars and rashes.

REGULAR SHOWER; it’s important to shower as many times as possible, especially if the weather is hot. Not taking a bath can lead to build up of bacteria that cause smelly sweat and pigmentation.

AVOID TIGHT CLOTHES; this applies to everyone. Wearing tight and synthetic clothes causes friction that can lead to the formation of rashes and pigmentation. Synthetic clothes prevent the skin from breathing therefore they trap sweat and promote the growth of skin darkening bacteria.

MINIMISE SHAVING CREAM: if possible, you should stop. Shaving creams contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Frequent use of these products can lead to irritation, pigmentation, rashes and skin disorders. The safer alternative is to wax your underarms.

Hope these tips are helpful. Enjoy your weekend. Xoxo

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