Kwam 1 (Wasiu Ayinde Marshal)…

From the ‘Talazo’ series to ‘Ultimate’ and recently ‘Sempe,’ K1 blazed the trail among Fuji stars that first starred in a movie and has quite a number of films to his credit with Eko been the most recent. The singer wields such an unimaginable influence across different social strata thereby appealing to a wide number of audience all around the world, which include London, Holland, France and United States of America…. 

Pasuma (Wasiu Ajibola Alabi )

Wasiu Ajibola Alabi has been able to remain the most relevant after K1 owing to the obvious fact that his voice and talent shone him like a bright star after he gained prominence from his Mushin origin. Unlike many Fuji musicians, who kicked off from Lagos Island or Ibadan, Pasuma, attracted several fans from his Mushin base after his first LP, which sold like wildfire in the first three months.

As if he was destined to be different, Pasuma who seem to be the most nicknamed Fuji musician, collaborated with the popular pop acts, Remedies, and his fame sky rocketed, leaving behind his peers in the industry. Currently, he holds sway as one of the leading Fuji musicians, who has been able to etch his name on the Fuji scroll of time…. 

KS1 (Sule Alao Malaika)…

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