Okada rider, vulcanizer killed in Ilorin Kwara state car crash. Beauld.com

It was a gory sight in Ilorin weekend when a young man driving a car rammed into two victims and killed them on the spot.
The ill-fated incident occurred on University of Ilorin Mini Campus road and resulted in a palpable tension.
City Rove gathered that the victims, a commercial motorcyclist and a vulcanizer were standing by the roadside when the Camry car with number plate Abuja KUJ 558 TZ lost control and veered off the road, killing them instantly.
The motorist was allegedly making a telephone call with his mobile handset while driving, as a result of which he lost control.
Findings showed that the commercial motorcyclist known as okada rider had gone to the vulcanizer’s shop to fix one of the punctured tyres of his motorbike when the incident occurred.
While the lone occupant of the car escaped unhurt, the two victims were not that lucky as some sensitive parts of their bodies were seen littering the ground.
The incident elicited serious tension as okada riders who gathered at the scene, decided to lynch the driver of the car.
The timely intervention of armed policemen, who arrived the scene, saved the situation from getting degenerated as they whisked the driver away amidst protestation.
City Rove observed that the irate okada riders subsequently pounced on motorists seen using mobile telephone while driving.
The development resulted in a serious tension as people who plied the road as their usual route had to shun the area to avoid being attacked in the boiling scene.
A source at the scene told City Rove, “This area was peaceful as usual until that time that the lone driver was coming with his car. He was sighted making call and all of a sudden, he lost control and rammed into an okada rider and a vulcanizer who were by the roadside. They died on the spot.
“People around including okada riders attempted to descend on the driver but was immediately rescued by the promptness of policemen, who came to the scene. He was taken away amidst tension.
“After the incident, any motorist seen using telephone was stopped and attacked to serve as deterrent to others like them”.

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