Hi babes, what do you think of pairing sneakers with a dress or skirt? I know it’s not a new trend but I am starting to love this kinda look.
Wearing sneakers gives you the boyish look, which is so cool and sexy at times. A Lots of ladies don’t know how to pull off sneakers with skirts and dresses but it’s very easy as long as the sneakers matches your outfit. It takes a lot of fashion guts to pair sneakers with dresses /skirts. But I love it because of comfort. As much as we ladies love heels, it’s good for us to switch our shoes once in a while and sneakers is a great option. It gives you a casual chic look
HOW TO; Firstly, Dont  wear socks or rather wear ankle socks that are not visible. 
– You can pair your sneakers with dresses on and above the knee & maxi dresses or skirts,  its better to show off your legs when rocking sneakers because its more flattering.
– Pair the sneakers with Shirt dresses, flared skirts and shift dresses. This is quite easy to wear. 
– You can wear your sneakers with dresses or skirts with prints and patterns. 
– You can try colour blocking. 
–  You can pair them with a denim or leather jacket. 
– Make sure your sneakers are in good condition 
– Go for bright coloured sneakers if your outfit has a neutral colour palette and if your outfit is bright then wear a neutral coloured sneakers
–  Also try matching  your sneakers with your jewellery. 
– Get accessorized sneakers with studs, fun laces and jewel.
See how the ladies in the pictures below rocked theirs:
So what do you think . Will you try it out. Let’s know what you by dropping a comment.
Chao Chao!

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