Style is a personal fashion statement and everyone has their own individual fashion statement. Though designers set trends for every season its best to dress up in what makes you comfortable and confident. There are some style basics that are important to achieve your fashion objective. So today we focus on how to dress slim. Well, every woman (both young and old) at some point in their life would love to look thinner than they actually are without breaking a sweat (me included). Though they say diet and exercise are the keys to weight-loss (sigh), there are times when it doesn’t work, which is why it’s key to know how to look thinner using nothing but your clothes. Here a few tips;




Yeah, you should totally rock Vertical Stripes. Vertical stripes create long lines, which makes you look taller and definitely slimmer. Horizontal striped clothing is a No No because it makes you look wider. Yes, a skin-tight bodycon dress featuring horizontal lines might look good on super-skinny gals though.




Belts are a great way to emphasize your waist even if it’s not defined. The waist is the smallest part of your body. Highlighting your waist with a belt is a slimming trick that works on women of any size. Add a little attention to the area by wearing a belt. It helps draw the eye down and places focus on this thin area. You can add a belt to just about any outfit. Try cinching in dresses and tops with skinny belts—they help define your natural waist in the most flattering way possible.



Monochrome – means wearing one colour from head to toe including make – up. Though black is the go to colour for the perfect slimming look, these days monochrome is the preferred choice – wearing one color from top to bottom. Rocking one solid color really adds length to your overall appearance and makes you look leaner. So try wearing top to bottom red or white or neutral. Whichever colour you try, u would look slim in it.



I love the way a V neckline sits delicately on a chest (male or female). It’s a perfect neckline for a slimming style. It creates the illusion of a lean neck. It helps emphasize an hourglass figure. While we love a turtleneck, the slimming wonders of a deep V-neck shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only will it make your jawline and neck appear slimmer, but the upside-down triangle shape draws the eye down to your narrow waist and mimics the silhouette of an hourglass




So layering is all the rage right now. Everyone seems to have latched on to this trend especially the outer layer trend. Layering is no longer for winter, it is worn all year round. The long outer layer is almost like wearing a cape not just as long. It stops under the hips or the knees. It’s quite flattering wearing a long outer layer, it helps conceal body parts that you don’t want obvious while looking glamourous at the same time. As the weather gets warmer, swap out your light jacket for an extra-long vest/coats.




The flared skirt is oh so chic and girly! And off course slimming! A flared skirt is one such cool wardrobe outfit that designers have made one of hottest trend on catwalks. If you have any thighs or hips to speak of, a dress or a skirt with a flared shape will likely be ultra-flattering on you. It will nip in at the tiniest part of your waist, and flow nicely over your curves. And if you don’t have thighs or hips it also helps create an illusion that’s it’s there……wink wink.



It’s important to wear clothes that fits you. Wearing pieces that are either too big or too small on you will highlight your flaws and will look unflattering on your body.

So what do you think about these tips. Try out one of these tips and I am sure it would work for you. Adieus!


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