June 13, 2016 Ayaoba 0

BEAULD SELFIE MONDAY!!! Hello Hello Hello everybody, Welcome to a new week and off course Beauld Selfie Monday! Hope your weekend was LIT! Trust you had a wonderful weekend. I look forward to Mondays because [read more…]


June 6, 2016 Ayaoba 0

SELFIE MONDAY!!! Hello hello my people. Happy June! How was your weekend. Hope you had a restful weekend. It’s Beauld Selfie Monday again. We are appreciating five (5) of our fans today. Don’t forget, to [read more…]


May 30, 2016 Ayaoba 0

SELFIE MONDAY!!!! Helloooo again, it’s that day of the week again, it’s Monday….yay! And y’all know it’s Beauld Selfie Monday #BSM. OK, long story short, every Monday we upload selfies of Beauld fans just to [read more…]


May 23, 2016 Ayaoba 0

SELFIE MONDAY!!! Hello family, it’s that day of the week against!  Selfie Monday!!!!!!….. yay! Oh Monday,  why hath thou so boring and ssssssslow… (am channeling my inner Shakespeare). This is just our little way of [read more…]